20 July 2010

Hooray - Ribbons!

This weekend, I was delighted to discover that I had won three ribbons at our local shire show for my drawings: “Waiting for the Rain” – 1st Prize, “Almost a Teenager” – 2nd Prize, and “Engraved Elephant” – 3rd Prize. This is the first time I’ve ever had my work judged in an art competition so I was absolutely thrilled to win. It’s a great feeling having your work recognised and appreciated. Now, fingers crossed for the State Show coming up in August.
Happy drawing everyone! Jo :)

11 July 2010

It's finally finished

Well, I'm relieved to say that I have finally finished my entry for the drawing competition in our yearly state show. It's all framed up and looks great and I'm dropping it off to the competition stewards today. Judging will be on the 20th July and the work will be on display during August.
I'm really pleased with how it has turned out. I keep telling myself that winning or placing is irrelevant - I did this piece to challenge myself. But having my work judged, for the first time in my life, is somewhat nerveracking. I don't know anything about the judges or what they are looking for. We'll just have to see what happens. Watch this space!
Happy drawing everyone! Jo :)

04 July 2010

Seeking inspiration

It's Sunday and a glorious winter day so I think I'll take my two little munchins into the city. I'll tell them we're going to see dinosaurs at the museum (which we'll have to do first otherwise I'll never hear the end of it) but then we'll pop over to the Gallery of Modern Art and the Art Gallery for some culture and, hopefully, a bit of inspiration.

I love to go to the gallery when I'm feeling creatively challenged (courtesy of two very long weeks of school holidays... groan). The gallery helps get my creative juices flowing again and always leaves me feeling inspired and very 'arty'.

Happy drawing everyone! Jo :)